“But just remember: a woman’s like a rose; if you treat her right, she’ll bloom, if you don’t, she’ll wilt.” Eric Wilson

“Rosae D’Onika” is a brand of luxury lingerie and womenswear, which creates innovative and exclusive feminine products. The brand name comes out from the combination of the founder’s name, Donika, with the Latin word “Rosae”, that means Roses. A rose is symbolic of love, beauty and something of value. In poetry things may be compared to the rose, the woman is never anything but a rose in fact she is all the wonderful things associated with this delicate flower.
This is how Rosae Donika starts, with a name that sounds like “Roses of Donika”, where the idea behind is to dress a Woman with personality, self-confident but also delicate and aware of her fragility and weaknesses, able to conquer with elegance and sensual determination, just like a rose.
A classy woman who knows how to seduce without having to show too much, even if she wears lingerie for going out, genuine, practical, in continuous movement, and who pays careful attention to details. The brand combines the esthetics and the quality with the tailoring techniques of high fashion without forgetting the traditions especially coming from the “Italian expertise and way to do things”.
The collection is characterized by refined elegance and a combination of savoir-faire and modernity. The products are oriented towards the future thanks to several unexpected details that give to them a touch of originality and exclusivity. The capsule collection consists of 35 items, presented as Outfits, to simplify the combination of the products in original and stylish ways. Masterpiece of the collection is the silk Kimono, declined in different patterns and versions, interpreted as every day lounge-wear with a triple function: night/home/outwear.

Materials are cleaned and stamped silk satin of the best quality on the market, silk velvet and micro-modal for chic blouses. The lines and cuts are clean, gentle and feminine, designed to dress all the women, with elegance, style and beauty. Patterns are inspired to the period “Art Nouveau” and they combine the femininity of floral design with rigor of pinstripe, the sensuality of speckled clothes with the sobriety of silk.



Italy is an endless source of inspiration, a place of grandeur and elegance where the importance of style permeates every aspect of life. The secret is “La Bella Figura” – literally ‘the beautiful figure’ – a cultural philosophy that is embedded deep in the Italian psyche. La Bella Figura influences art, architecture, design, even social etiquette; everything from the cut of a dress, the design of a car to the way you greet friends.

Famed for quality and craftsmanship, the prestigious “Made in Italy” label is worth its weight in gold. Our question is: do you need to have an Italian passport to be standard bearer of all these made in  Italy values? The answer is without any doubt “certainly not!”

Always intrigued by everything that boasts a hint of Italy and after a well-established career in the field of fashion, Donika Kiselkova has founded her own company, specialized in the production of high-fashion feminine products.

Since 1995 she has designed and produced a wide range of products for luxury, fashion, urban and sport brands.

In these projects, her contribution involves not only the creative design, but also the realization of prototypes and samples and the final production of high-quality clothes for the most important Italian and International brands.

As entrepreneur and producer, Donika boldly experiments. In her company she combines advanced technologies with proud Italian style and quality, using only high-quality fabrics and materials. Today she launches Rosae Donika, a project that she likes to define her “hidden dream”: a capsule collection of high end lingerie and womenswear, with an extremely innovative vision to the extent that it can be defined as a fashion accessory.

In terms of creativity she has trusted the virtuosity of a team of  Italian fashion designers with a large experience in the field of luxury products, able to combine luxury, comfort and elegance.

“For this project I selected only the highest quality of fabrics and I chose only the best experts. I have given shape and life to my project, which I am really proud of. I would like to present it as an innovative and modern alternative of everyday classic clothing and far from being ordinary lingerie.”